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Barbara Goldmann

Master Goldsmith

Even as a girl I was fascinated by precious stones and metals and inspired by the desire to become a goldsmith. Through my professional career and experience, I feel well equipped today to competently advise goldsmiths and jewelers.

I try to make my own collections as high quality as possible; I always try to offer new cuts to inspire my customers. But I also offer grinding work according to the customer's wishes, supplement missing, defective corals or make extensions of necklaces.


My priorities:

  • Work exclusively with untreated corals

  • Maintain access to valuable raw materials through direct, friendly trade relations

  • No middlemen, a very lean company structure, thus reasonable pricing

  • Always remain open to discussions concerning ethics, sustainability and the protection ofthe oceans

Artistic career


2008 – 2011

2005 – 2008


1998 – 2002


1989 – 1998


1983 – 1987

1980 – 1983

Relocation of the main company headquarters to Zug, Switzerland.

Foundation of a subsidiary in Zug, Switzerland.

Takeover of the entire company from Mrs. Walkner.

Mrs. Anna Maria Walkner puts the coral distribution for the whole EU area in my hands.

Back in Gmunden, I again devoted more time to my own work. It was during this time that I made contact with Anna Maria Walkner. Coral as a material began to fascinate me. Our collaboration deepened in the following, more and more often I used Ms. Walkner's cuts in my work.

I run my own goldsmith workshop in Mondseemit up to three journeymen.

Leap into self-employment with my studio in Gmunden

First years of practice and master craftsman's examination in Vienna.

Training as a goldsmith with journeyman's examination.

Matura with majors in art history and performing arts.

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